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After its Martin Guitar era, the Vega brand name ownership was sold overseas, and the banjo line fell into obscurity. Kudos to Greg Deering who rescued the Vega brand name from extinction in and restored it to greatness. Martin installed a serial number decal on the inner rim beginning with 2 and on through The two legendary musicians in the camp photo are banjo godfather Tony Trischka and Grammy award winner Eric Weissberg click to enlarge. Old 6 digit Vega serial numbers persisted on a yellow sticker on the inner pot until production was moved to Pennsylvania in Close study of the flange can sometimes reveal, however, that it is left-over Vega hardware from the Needham Heights factory. Available with a tenor or plectrum neck, company catalogs offered them as outfits with an amplifier and hard case. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s “minimum advertised price. Thus, Vega tubaphone tenors were produced in roughly two periods:

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Vintage musical instruments can sometimes be quite valuable, especially if they’re rare, custom or special editions, and in good condition. If you’re lucky, you can determine the value of a vintage mandolin by doing a little research. However, it often takes a bit of examination to better determine an accurate value.

Keep in mind that the model, make, year made, condition of the instrument, originality, scarcity, market demand and playability all factor in to what your mandolin is worth. Look for the antique mandolin’s serial number, which may be inside the soundhole, and the company name on the headstock. Print or paint may wear away with time, so see if any faint impressions of letters or partial words remain.

Beautiful vintage 17 fret Vega tubafone professional banjo with pie Resonator. Beautiful banjo with the famous Vega tubafone tone ring, The neck is nice and slim and dead straight. Frets are perfect,Matching serial numbers on pot and dowel stick dating it at

A richly- decorated banjo model with a carved and colored eagle on the resonator back, and a three-dimensional eagle carved on the peghead. The fretboard was hand-painted with scenes depicting the development of American history. Gold-plated engraved hardware, pearloid fretboard, burl walnut and white holly woods. An elaborate instrument boasting Italian Renaissance motifs. The pearloid fretboard was hand painted with multi-colored scenes and the resonator back was carved and colored with a fancy crown-and-crest design.

The peghead was veneered in pearloid, inlaid and bordered in colorful rhinestones.

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Its in very good condition for its age. From the late ‘s. The case is very worn with many noticeable tears including the carry handle which is completely torn off on 1 side. There are nick in the violins finish on the front and back and ware where the bridge sets on the face of the violin. The bridge is in excellent condition. This auction is open to any professional comments, Thanks.

Will consign and represent valuable items background dealing with most Major US Auction Houses. Honest, prompt and professional service with many happy clients in Florida, the USA and World wide. Appraisals, dating and other info are fee based.

This is a listing, with serial numbers and dates, of the major Golden Age banjo makers products. It is reasonably accurate, tho I am always open to more information. Anyone know how to date a Deering Banjo. I just picked up a Deering Calico, and was wondering what year it is. It s serial number is E A serial number sticker should be placed on the inside of the rim which states the full serial number and the.

Openback Models A serial number sticker should be placed on the inside of the rim which states the full serial number and th. Openback Models A serial number sticker should be placed on the inside of the rim which states the full serial number and the model name. Resonator Models A serial number sticker should be placed on the inside of the resonator which states the full serial number and the model name. I know the full serial number is inside but on the peghead it has C Is there any system to the numbering.

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Ukuleles do not have serial numbers. Mandolins use a different serial number system than guitars. Martin guitar serial numbers start at in because Martin estimated they made instruments before Model Numbers stamped above the Serial Number starting in Martin model numbers are straight forward too. The first set of characters are the body size.

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I don’t know much about Banjos so please ask plenty of questions. I answer them all to the best of my ability..I took pics of the inside to show the Factory Order number, to get the dating, the Gibson Kalamazoo stamp, and the original price tag check it out.

The product is already in the wishlist! This Banjo is all original including the tuners, deluxe Tailpiece, hand rest and Pickguard. Check out that Pickguard.. I have never seen on like this This Banjo is in fantastic shape. Our Tech did a great job setting this cool banjo up.

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Scruggs had played an open back banjo using the frailing technique, though as an adult Earl had no recollection of his father’s playing. Scruggs played the pump organ. Scruggs recalls a visit to his uncle’s home at age six to hear a blind banjo player named Mack Woolbright, who played a finger picking style and had recorded for Columbia Records. I couldn’t imagine — he was the first, what I call a good banjo player.

Morgan Monroe Instrument Co. and Rocky Top began manufacturing guitars, banjos, mandolins, resonators and quality leather straps in Based in Indianapolis Indiana with a network of distributors throughout the world.

To perform this task, you will need a bracket wrench a small t-shaped tool that serves no other purpose than to tighten banjo bracket nuts. I have used nut drivers and small box wrenches on occasion, but these tools may scratch the surface of the nut, so a bracket wrench would be a good investment. Make sure however that it fits the nuts that go with your hooks – as with most banjo parts, the nuts annoyingly come in various sizes.

Since even a plastic head can be sensitive to rough handling, the tightening procedure should be performed carefully. If you hear squeaking, that horrible sound that indicates you’re in danger of stripping the thread, stop immediately. Tighten them until you’re satisfied with the feel – I know that’s very subjective, but you’ll understand what I mean the first time you try it. When you’ve tightened them all, go back and give one final thumb-nudge just to make sure.

If the banjo head were a clock, you’d start off tightening 1,2,3, then do 7,8,9, then back to 4,5,6, then finally 10,11,12 the order isn’t important. That way the pressure on the head is balanced. The final tightening need not follow this rotation. As with most human endeavors, there are alternate ways of accomplishing this goal for example, tightening the nuts sequentially instead of in the “star” pattern recommended above – however this method requires a fairly close monitoring of how the tension hoop is “balancing” on the head.

There are more pleasant tasks than this, believe me, but you still should know how to do it in case of an emergency. Banjo heads, especially the 11″ standard size, are available in different materials, each of which produces a different sound:

Osborne Maple Chief and Rocky Top Chief Demo from Peghead Nation

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