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The locations in the Cartoon Wasteland are based on various retired or rejected theme park rides, as well as old Disney memorabilia. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the ruler, however, the Shadow Blot usurped power from Oswald, and ruled as a tyrant with an iron fist. Contents History Creation of the Wasteland A long time ago, the sorcerer Yen Sid began to work on “his latest and greatest creation,” a paradise where Disney’s forgotten, rejected and abandoned ideas and creations could live happily. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, being the first inhabitant of this new world and Disney’s first great creation, took the role as the leader, along with his beloved Ortensia. As more creations appeared – both forgotten cartoon characters and discarded ideas from Disney’s theme parks – Oswald took steps to make sure the world was a beautiful and pleasant place to live. He accomplished this with the help of the Mad Doctor and his Beetleworx , as well as the dozens of gremlins with their technical knowhow. Thinner Disaster While Oswald and the forgotten Toons worked from the inside, Yen Sid provided help from the outside with the aid of his magic Paintbrush.

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I was married for the first time, two weeks before my 19th birthday. I’ve got a degree in Computer Information Systems. I drove my first motorcycle at 10 yrs old and fell in love with it.

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To say the Matador Red Airflyte we toured was was a work of art is an understatement. Overall my impressions of the finished product are positive. Many of the details were replicated to that extent. One positive for vintage Shasta owners is that some of the components of the reissue are the same as the original Airflyte. For instance, the windows, wings, and door are the same dimensions as the originals.

It was our goal to work together on being the first to bring the news to the public through this site and the Mount Comfort RV site, but alas we were trumped by Greg Gerber when he broke the news in his excellent RV news source, the RV Daily Report.

Mickey Taylor, the hot British Lad from Menoboy Studios’ latest movie, Visiting, has been in love with France since his last trip and all the sex he had with French cuties. So, he decided to come to Paris for his vacation and have some more fun.

If Cinderella went back to pick up her shoes, she wouldn’t of become a princess. Why does Peter Pan fly? Man, that joke never gets old. Maybe its because it has a Hook. Disney Channel should just stop making new shows and replay all the old ones. Your food is so frozen it started singing let it go! When I was younger, I dressed ups a frog and robbed a bank. That was my first time that I Kerm-itted a crime. If cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, why did it fall off in the first place?

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By Chris Demorro June 11, Tire technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the centuries, beginning with the use of iron bands that were heated in forges and quenched around wooden cart wheels and eventually evolving into the self-inflating, puncture-proof rubber compounds with which we are so familiar today. Many improvements in tire technology have been driven by the fierce competition on race tracks and drag strips, and by those in pursuit of that one one-hundredths of a second that can separate winner from loser.

Only here are cars, drivers, and tires pushed to their absolute limits. Two types of tires have come to dominate drag racing — drag radials and bias-ply drag tires. Thompson went on to become the first American to break the mph land speed record, and ultimately set more speed and endurance records for cars than any other man in history.

You need to share a water hookup, so we had to run the hose under our camper and add an additional foot hose in order to reach the hookup. The sewer hole (and it was only a hole) was so small our hose wouldn’t fit in, so you had to hold it down while emptying the tanks.

Share this article Share Violence could erupt in a heartbeat, and there was no escaping its aftermath, even for those like Meghan, then 14, and her friends in their privileged surroundings. She had other friends, but Meghan was the first one to comfort her, and the only one who volunteered to go with her to the hospital. Meghan was like part of our family in those days. He was permanently paralysed, but today he is working and enjoying life. We feel sure those prayers helped him survive.

Perhaps it was this side of her character that convinced him she may have the credentials to fulfil her duties as a future princess. Her looks and talent apart, it has been suggested that Harry chose Meghan over more obvious potential wives such as his former girlfriends Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas because of character traits she shares with his mother. Mrs Ardakani strongly agrees, and, intriguingly, she reveals that young Meghan was actually a great admirer of the late Princess of Wales.

For during the Nineties, when Meghan was growing up, Diana was a global, celebrity figure and she says Meghan came to regard her as a role model. They would also see items about her on TV. Meghan is a beautiful person with a very big heart — just the sort of qualities a princess needs. They were impressed by her humanitarian work, and they started following her example.

They would collect clothes and toys for less privileged children and help at the homeless soup-kitchen. Kind, sensitive, loyal, funny, clever, compassionate, socially aware.

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Mike is angered by this and storms off. Mike innocently reports that Noel is planning to out Mr. Fitz’s relationship with a student—at the dinner table in front of a horrified Aria and her father, who reacts by scolding his son for making unsupported allegations that could ruin a man’s career. Mike assures them that it is true as Noel said he saw them and was going to the principal’s office the next day.

Someone to Watch Over Me When Byron finds out that Aria has a secret relationship with a boy, he prowls in Aria’s room, looking for clues. He almost discovers the truth, but Ella stops him in an argument that is overheard by Mike.

Feb 24,  · Re: City water hookup-how to fill fresh water tank I installed a valve behind the basement wall next to the access door by my winterizing valves. Now I can open the valve and fill the fresh water tank while hooked to city water.

Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. An explosive incident sends Ian and some of his followers into hiding from the authorities. Meanwhile, Lip makes a difficult decision in order to have the life he really wants, Carl looks for a way to go back to school without upsetting Kassidi, Debbie considers letting Derek back into Franny’s life and Frank makes plans to take advantage of Liam’s rich friend.

Episode 11 – A Gallagher Pedicure 3 weeks ago Fiona’s homeless tenants barricade themselves inside her apartment. Lip takes in a terrified Sierra and Lucas when her father is released from prison. Meanwhile Ian, despite warnings, provides sanctuary to a runaway teen, Frank considers his retirement and Debbie must choose between paying for school and paying for surgery to keep her toes. Fiona tries to fit in with Ford’s friends.

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There’s a right and a wrong way to perform this essential task. The buildup of salt in your outboard can cause blockages that result in overheating and eventual corrosion. John Tiger Back in the day, flushing an outboard with fresh water was done only one way. A set of “ear muffs” or “flush muffs” was fitted around the engine’s gearcase to cover the water intakes, connected to a garden hose with a good water supply, and the engine was run for five to 10 minutes.

Features climbing area, slide with water mister and a nice big pool at the end. Great for Summer time occasions or Mickey themed parties and events. This beautiful Mickey Park Water Slide features images of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto all sliding away with you and your guests.

In the hyper-masculine s, singing and dancing were widely labeled “sissy” pursuits, so they were all gay-coded, though none are apparently gay. Bobby Burgess born , who was very tall, well-scrubbed, and always smiling. He went on to dance on The Lawrence Welk Show. Here’s a shirtless shot of Bobby in middle age. The short, sandy-haired Lonnie Burr born was the intellectual of the group his website commemorates Annette Funicello’s death with the Latin phrase “ave atque vale”.

He is a poet and playwright as well as an actor. Tommy Cole born was hired primarily for his singing ability, though had a handsome face and the hunkiest physique among the Mousketeers left. After MMC, he had a stint in the air force and then became a makeup artist. Cubby O’Brien born , the kid of the show, became a professional drummer. Many Boomer kids also remember the boys who stayed for a year, or less, including: Davis Day, the only original Mousketeer who has come out as gay willingly Tommy Kirk was outed , stayed for two years The dramatic series Spin and Marty, The Hardy Boys, Clint and Mac, Annette typically offered cute boys in shirtless and semi-nude swimming pool shots: And some even offered some strong buddy-bonding subtexts, counterpoints to the heterosexism of the main song-and-dance numbers.

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My Oldest Daughter Fiona enjoys living above the poverty line; the company car is damaged; Lip struggles in school. Download p Episode 3: Download p Episode 4: Strangers on a Train Fiona continues her affair with Robbie; Frank wants to construct an accident that will enable him to pay for his transplant. Download p Episode 5: There’s the Rub Fiona’s bad decisions about Robbie come to a head; Frank and Sammi continue their quest for a cure; Lip is visited while at college.

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As horsepower levels continue to climb, sanctioning bodies are making things interesting by continuing to decrease tire size, whether the mandate is a Leading the charge is Mickey Thompson Performance, one of the most legendary brands in all of motorsports. In order to catch up on the latest in tire technology, we had a long chat with Ken Warner of Mickey Thompson, covering topics ranging from air pressure to tire compounds, to burnout procedures, to tubes, to tire temperature, and everything in between.

The company recently improved upon the original to create the ET Street Radial Pro, and the results have been staggering. Likewise, racers are now ripping 6-second quarter-mile passes on these hot new radials. You read that right. Racers are now running 6s on radials, and making it look easy. If the tire absorbed more power it would distort and lose its uniformity.

With all the hype surrounding drag radials these days, casual enthusiasts might wonder why anyone would want to continue running bias-ply slicks. Even so, traditional bias-ply slicks are still the overwhelming drag tires of choice for the majority of racers for several reasons.

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Cortney Boice So, you have decided to join the club? That good old fashioned Mouse Club. No, not the kind were you wear mouse ears designed for kids and tourist, we are talking the meet after midnight, chuck and duck, big brown trout club. This club was conceived by the obsessed carry boxes filled with deer hair creations that look more like mini monsters than cute cartoons.

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For an emergency, take your child to the emergency room. G-J tube is forcefully pulled out. Before coming to the Emergency Room: If bleeding occurs, press on the site with a clean soft cloth. The opening in the stomach may close within hours, so it is important not to wait before coming to the Emergency Room. When a G-J tube is replaced it is important to verify that the tube is in the right place, by taking an X-ray. Be sure to bring the tube with you to the Emergency Department.

The following are non-emergency problems that can occur with your child’s G-J tube. Problem What to Do G-J tube site is red and sore or has green or white liquid where the tube enters the skin. Clean as per instructions. Call your child’s doctor. Call your child’s doctor immediately. Call your child’s doctor or nurse. Skin or scar appears to be growing where tube enters skin.

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